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The minister of Health has, in terms of section 2 of the Tobacco Products Control Act, 1992 (Act No 83 of 1993), as amended, declared that smoking in public places will no longer be allowed.

This creates a poor company image in the following areas:

  • Entrances & Exits to your Building
  • Balconies
  • Designated Smoking areas
  • Garden beds etc...
  • No mess
  • No fuss
  • No maintenance

Unsightly and untidy environments, with no suitable facilities that tend to be cleaned randomly. This results in unsightly looking ashtrays, exuding unpleasant tobacco odours.

We offer you an alternative
-- An ashtray with a difference --
Serviced & Sanitised

The Smart Ash ashtray is designed to contain the cigarette butts and release a pleasant fragrance. The unit is totally sealed with a locking system, so at any given time you cant see or smell those unsightly cigarette butts.

The Smart Ash company services and maintains its Smart Ash bins at 14-day intervals.

This provides an ideal opportunity for your company to encourage environmentally friendly policies and attitudes.

Smart Ash creates a unique and affordable way of providing "Value Added" service to the day to day running of your business.

Why not allow Smart Ash to take care of your cigarette problem while you focus on your core business?

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P.O.Box 879, Kempton Park 1620


P.O.Box 879, Kempton Park 1620

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